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Glamour: Kahai oil is the next big thing ...

If Miranda Kerr is dishing out skincare advice, I'm listening. The model and beauty boss, who has her own range of organic beauty products, Kora Organics, is always at the forefront of the next big organic beauty trend and with that glowy as hell skin, she's a walking advert for what she preaches. After converting the world to noni - a powerful superfood and antioxidant containing more than vitamins and minerals, including high amounts of Vitamins A and C - the beauty guru is lauding the benefits of a new super ingredient: kahai oil.


Amazon Conservation Team: Elías García, the Guardian of Native Seeds

The Huitorá indigenous reserve is located in the municipality of Solano, in the Colombian department of Caquetá; it is part of the area of influence of the Serranía del Chiribiquete and La Paya National Parks. There, the community protects its native seeds by tradition, but with the support of the Amazon Conservation Team and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, this activity has become an alternative to generate income for their families without affecting their territory: the forest. Elias Garcia is a seed promoter of this reserve. Every day, he collects and sows native seeds that are on the way to extinction. Previously, he had to travel and work for merchants that cross the Caquetá River, but now has found...


WELT: Eine Nuss kommt groß raus

Jahrzehntelang, wenn nicht sogar schon seit Jahrhunderten, haben sich die Menschen am Amazonas im südlichen Kolumbien nicht allzuviel aus der Nuss gemacht. [...] Aber dann fand vor ein paar Jahren die